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Kangen Water Machine India – 2023


What is Kangen Water Machine India?

In Japanese, the word Kangen means “return to origin”. If ever there was a kind of water that came close to that promise, it is Kangen Water®. It may be the nearest thing we ever find to the proverbial “fountain of youth”. Kangen Water® is created from a device manufactured by Enagic Corporation. Read more about Kangen Water Machine India 2023.

This device transforms ordinary tap water and through an electrolysis process that restructures and “micro-clusters” your water. This process enables the water to penetrate human and animal cells, in the same way as energized water found in nature. Enagic’s SD501 unit also ionizes water making it electron or “energy” rich and splits the water into acid and alkaline states.

The electrolyzed, energized and ionized waters do not maintain their special properties indefinitely. This drinking water is most effective drunk fresh from the unit, but remains effective from the initial pour up to 48 hours later. 2.5 and 11.5 pH waters last longer, up to 2 weeks.

Please check the 2.5 pH water by smelling it; if it smells like chlorine, it is still effective. You can check the 11.5 pH water by using it to
emulsify sesame oil; if it emulsifies the oil, it is still effective. Time, heat, light, movement, and oxygen degrade the properties of these waters. For maximum shelf life, please store this water in a fully sealed dark container and minimize movement.

Best Kangen Water Machine India

How To Drink Kangen Water?

Everyone begins by drinking water with a pH of 8.5, then progresses to pH 9.0 & ph 9.5.

Drink water with a pH of 8.5 on your first week. At this point, if you are not experiencing any cleansing symptoms, you can begin to drink water with a pH of 9.0. After two weeks at pH 9.0 level, you can begin to drink water with a pH of 9.5, provided that you do not experience any cleansing symptoms. If you experience symptoms of cleansing, return to the previous pH level and increase the amount of water you drink to flush the toxins.

The best time to drink Kangen Water® has proven to be upon waking. After 6-8 hours of rest, your body needs water to aid hydration. Water first thing in the morning will hydrate your digestive system and cleanse organs before you eat breakfast; if you drink a glass of Kangen Water® when you get up, the water will have moved out of your stomach before you eat. Your body is “cleaning” and “repairing” while you are resting.

A good quart (liter) of Kangen Water® first thing in the morning helps clean out all the toxins your body is ready to discard, before they can be reabsorbed and your body has work to get rid of them again. Drinking micro-clustered Kangen Water® 15 – 20 minutes before a meal supports the production of hydrochloric acid for better assimilation of nutrients.

It also provides water necessary for digestion and alkaline minerals to buffer acidic waste products sent to your blood. It is best not to drink water with a meal, but if you must, drink water with a neutral pH (pH 7.0). Alkaline water will neutralize the acids required for digestion. Even neutral water will do this to a certain extent; this is why drinking with meals is not recommended.

Wait at least 30 minutes to 1 hour following each meal before you drink more water; this allows food to leave your stomach. Another time to drink Kangen Water® is when you drink alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. These drinks are so acidic that it takes a great deal of alkaline water to balance acid (32 glasses at a pH of 9.5 to recover from every soft drink). For many years alkaline water has been known as a hangover cure in Japan.


When alkaline water is consumed following alcoholic beverages, alkalinity neutralizes excess acids while electrons neutralize free radicals. Alcoholic drinks are acidic and dehydrating. Drinking Kangen Water® is 6 times more hydrating than tap water, prevents the dehydration
that manifests as a hangover; thus hangovers are either reduced or eliminated.

One way to include alkaline water with other beverages is to make ice cubes from Kangen Water®. Other than the above recommendations, drink water throughout your day. A good idea, have a glass of
water by your desk or wherever you spend your time.

This reminds you to keep drinking Kangen Water® during the day, staying hydrated.

15 Benefits of Kangen Water Machine India

1. Medical grade deemed by Japanese government

2. Plates are designed to an easy access standard and are made to be looked at and serviced one at a time if necessary. Has more surface
area. Whereas other brands solder all the plates into a case that does not allow for individual repair or service thereby making it a costly

3. Endorsed by Japan’s most famous doctor and is one of the world’s foremost gastroenterologists. He prescribes Kangen Water™ and
states his preference in his best selling book, The Enzyme Factor. This book is a ‘must have’ tool for every Enagic owner and every Enagic

4. Qualified for ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications in quality and environment (these certifications are very difficult to come by and
manufacturing companies have to meet stringent criteria for the International Standard of Organization.

5. Awarded the Linus Pauling award for ecology

6. Endorsed by 6500 member non-profit doctor’s group in Japan. The Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease only
endorses one product in a given industry thus the Enagic ionizer is the only ionizer they recommend.

7. Dispenses water at an unlimited rate. There is no rest or wait time required between specified amounts. Absolutely no wait time. No limit
on the amount of water you can take from the machine in a 24 hr period. The device is a work horse.

8. Licensed as Manufacturer of a medical device by Osaka Prefecture, License Number: 27BZ006010. Enagic manufacturers all their own
parts and hand assembles and tests each machine individually before it leaves the factory in Okinawa. No other ionizer in Japan, Korea or
U.S. meets or comes close to this standard.

9. Quality construction that lasts for 15 years and beyond with proper care.

10. All hand assembled. Enagic is an ISO manufacturing factory that does not buy pre-made parts from suppliers.

11. All parts manufactured by Enagic at solely owned factory in Okinawa. They buy no parts from suppliers.

12. Excellent service should the equipment, in rare circumstances, require attention.

13. Enagic has grown into the industry leader over the course of its 17 years, they spent their first 10 years only working with doctors and
hospitals to co-develop and market professional grade machines, unlike most of the competitors in this industry now. During this 10
year period, they inevitably established their quality-driven culture

And they started manufacturing smaller home units only after the doctors
and their discharged patients started asking for such machines so they can continue their home treatments, despite the fact that there were
already a handful of similar home units, known as Ionized Alkaline Water Generators, on the market. The problem was none of these
home units were a Kangen™ water grade, and that’s what they really wanted in their homes.

14. A warranty for 5 years that can be counted on.

15. Enagic has manufactured its units with the industry’s best automatic selfcleaning system, and has added a comprehensive maintenance program along the way.

Conclucion – Kangen Water Machine India

So this concludes information on Kangen Water Machine India.
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